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The Brand

Parkhouse - About Info

Who We Are

Park House is a Greek brand of high-end handcrafted leather products, designed and manufactured in Greece. Timeless elegance, whimsical minimalism, cool luxury, uncompromising comfort, state-of-the-art craftsmanship are reflected onto our “sophisticated with a modern twist” fine leather products. Park House brand is a dedicated team of experienced and creative people focused on offering luxurious handcrafted bags with a focus on fashioning one of a kind pieces and an almost zero waste policy due to the precision in the design process, since ethical fashion and an environmentally conscious and thoughtful production are intrinsic values paving our artisanal journey.

The Brand

Park House designs products for a lifetime, not for a season. Our high-end fashion products are consciously and mindfully crafted to satisfy the quotidian needs of every woman, not just serve a certain lifestyle. Our color palettes are alluring and imaginative even in their most minimalistic expressions and our attention and precision to detail is manifest in each single piece, from our signature designs to our new and imaginative ones in every collection. Our inspiration stems from the wonders of nature, the majestic architectural creations and the history of art and fashion, ceaselessly offering unique handcrafted pieces. Convenient design, ergonomic shape, light weight, fashionable and smart details, like the distinctive fishbone, make our high quality accessories ideal for any woman that wishes to be her true self at any given moment, without having to choose between style, finesse and comfort.

The Founders

Fedra Katsamba and Giasemi Perou, the designers and owners of the brand, have always had a special affair with fashion and design. Before setting up Park House, Fedra was working as a fashion stylist and Giasemi was working as an architect. Their initial wish for the Park House brand was to create the bags they themselves would like to carry and keep for a lifetime. Joining their forces and artistic visions in Park House, they create versatile, timeless and environmentally conscious collections and designs, shaped with care and experience to match the outfits, the needs and the multifaceted lives of contemporary women. Our vision for Park House is one where friendship, female entrepreneurship, creativity, originality and craftsmanship thrive and lead the way to a new era in fashion and life for women around the world.

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